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Dexcom Transmitter Stickers Pokemon Dexcom Decals - 10 Count Variety Pack

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Pokemon Dexcom stickers for Dexcom transmitter.

- Made from high quality water resistant vinyl that won’t peel off
- Can be gently removed without leaving any sticky residue. This allows for frequent changing of the decal.
- Stickers that are carefully removed and placed on sticker paper can be reused.
- With proper care stickers should remain vibrant for multiple uses.
- Please note, chlorinated water and salt water may strip colors.
This Pokemon Dexcom Sticker Pack includes:

Charizard Dexcom Sticker x1

Gengar Dexcom Sticker x1
Arcanine Dexcom Sticker x1
Bulbasaur Dexcom Sticker x1
Eevee Dexcom Sticker x1
Dragonite Dexcom Sticker x1
Squirtle Dexcom Sticker x1
Ninetales Dexcom Sticker x1
Blastoise Dexcom Sticker x1
Snorlax Dexcom Sticker x1

We can make these to fit Glucomart Toy Dexcom transmitter as well, available in our shop.

Pokemon Dexcom decals for Dexcom transmitter.

Pokemon Dexcom Transmitter skins.

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