Saving Money on Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic supplies are expensive. If you’re a diabetic patient you may be struggling with the ‘high cost factor’ that comes with purchasing diabetic supplies. Did you know that according to the ADA, people with diabetes have an average healthcare expense of nearly $13,000 annually? And approximately $7,900 is associated with diabetes management? Besides this, diabetic patients have 2.3x higher medical expenditures in comparison to those who are not suffering from this condition.

To maintain diabetes on a day to day basis, patients need daily medication and other diabetic supplies. This diabetic supplies include a glucose meter, testing strips and lancets. These further add to the high cost. Though spending on these items may be inevitable, there are definitely ways to curtail the high cost associated with diabetic supplies. And in today’s post that’s exactly what we will focus on. Shall we get started?

Tip#1 Go Generic Instead of Buying Branded Diabetic Supplies

Branded diabetic supplies can be super expensive, and can put a big dent on your pocket. Therefore, to save money, consider buying generic diabetic supplies instead of expensive brands. Generic products like lancets and pen needles are almost the same in quality but affordable.

Generic diabetes medicine will cost you around $3 to $4 a month while branded ones may cost around $100 or more. It’s a big difference in price.

Tip#2 Choose Your Insurance Plan Wisely

Choose your insurance plan wisely as your choice can make a huge difference in the out-of-pocket expenses. When selecting your plan, focus on three main costs: monthly premiums, co pays and deductibles. Make sure to evaluate your options analytically because sometimes low monthly premium plans may look attractive but may come with high deductibles. Also make sure the diabetic supplies you use are covered. Get professional help, if needed.

Tip# 3 Shop Online

Another great way to enjoy big cost savings on diabetic supplies is to fill prescriptions and shop online. Diabetic supplies are often listed on online pharmacies at discounted rates. However, when shopping online make sure to check their credentials so that you are confident that you’re purchasing diabetic supply from a legal online pharmacy.

This can be time consuming and stressful. To avoid this in long haul, consider shopping for diabetic supplies from Glucomart. We are a trusted and rapidly growing online distributer of diabetic supplies committed to providing patients with diabetes high quality and affordable supplies. Simply place your order and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep.

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