Save Money on Diabetic Supplies

10 Ways to Save Money on Diabetic Supplies

The cost of diabetic supplies is increasing. The American Diabetes Association estimates the cost of diabetes to be $13,700 per year.¹ The question we hear most from customers is, “How can I save money on diabetic supplies?”

Here are our 10 ways to help you save money on diabetic supplies. 

  1. Don’t pay out full price at a retail store. Your doctor may write you a script for your supplies, but don’t fill the script at a store or you could pay full price for your supplies. To save money on diabetic supplies we suggest you buy at or other web stores. This will save you around 50% on test strips, lancets, pen needles, etc. 
  2. Switch brands. Patients think they need to use the brand their doctor prescribes. But really, name brand stuff is just as good as the off-brand. Most patients have the freedom to switch to a cheaper brand. Some exceptions include: patients using an insulin pump that requires a specific test strip brand, or people using meters with diabetes tracking software. But for most patients, switching brands is a great way to save money on diabetic supplies.
  3. Use off-brand lancets. Off-brand lancets will work with most lancing devices. Off-brand lancets are are generally cheap or free. There are some lancing devices that can not use off-brand lancets. These lancing devices include: Delica, Fast Clix, Multi Clix, and Soft Clix. If you don’t use one of the brands listed, you could save money on diabetic supplies by switching to an off-brand lancet. 
  4. Buy test strips that expire soon. If you can’t switch brands we suggest you buy test strips that have a short date. Just make sure you buy test strips that have enough time before they expire that you can use them. So if you use 1 strip per week, we don’t suggest buying a 50 count box that expires the next month. But if you go through 200 to 300 test strips per month, you could save money on diabetic supplies if you buy test strips in the month they expire. sells a lot of short-dated test strips that are 50-90% cheaper than long-dated test strips. 
  5. Buy in bulk. Many stores provide free shipping when you buy over a certain dollar amount. Some stores also give quantity discounts, so you could save money on diabetic supplies when you buy in bulk. 
  6. Use coupon codes. Most stores have coupon codes floating around the web. Using coupon codes could help you save money on diabetic supplies. Before you check out you should always do a quick google search for a money-saving code. You can also email the store directly and ask if they have any active coupon codes. 
  7. Join a store mailing list. If you have a favorite diabetic supply store you should join their store mailing list. The mailing list will alert you to sales or active coupon codes. Join a store mailing list and save money on diabetic supplies. 
  8. Contact the maker of your supplies.  Sometimes the maker has programs that can help you save money on diabetic supplies. In some cases, they may be able to give you with a free meter or a box of test strips.
  9. Join a diabetic support group. Diabetic support groups may offer other tips on how t0 save money on diabetic supplies. You may also meet patients with a large amount of supplies that could help you out. 
  10. Ask a church or a non-profit for help. A church or non-profit may be willing to help you in a time of need. The can give you money to help you buy test strips or they may be able to point you to someone else that can help you. 

There are a lot of ways to save money on diabetic supplies. Please let us know how you save!


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