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by Debora on Glucomart
Toy pump and Dexcom

I just wanted to say Thank you guys for making the toy insulin pumps and Dexcoms. They are so detailed and were packaged beautifully. I bought them for my son who wants his own "American Girl" style boy doll for Christmas. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he realizes his "friend" also has diabetes just like him.

by JL on Glucomart

So grateful for Glucomart! Health insurance only pays so much for prescription, but I know I need to test my blood sugars more than the allotted strips that I am given. God bless this company.

by Ted DeSalvio on Glucomart

This is the most economical place to buy test strips. I am pleased with the prices and speed of delivery.

by Diana Douglas on Glucomart

I lost my health insurance and can not afford "affordable healthcare" so I have to buy every thing out of pocket. I can not afford the prices at the drug store so if it were not for Glucomart I would not be able to test my sugars. Bless this company.

by Nahal on Glucomart

Thank you, fast shipping and cheap mio 💐

by Anonymous on Glucomart

I got a toy insulin pump and a toy dexcom for my daughter for christmas and they arrived today. We got both the barbie size and the larger size. They are absolutely adorable. They look exactly like her pump and dexcom. I can not wait to see her face when she sees that her barbie and american girl also have diabetes. I highly recommend these toys to anyone with a T1 kiddo.

by Anonymous on Glucomart

My doctor told me about glucomart because i don't have insurance. I love glucomart. I can get cheap test strips and they are always delivered to my house in 3 day. Glucomart is a life saver.

by Gregory Sykes on Glucomart

I have been type 1 for 25 years and I wish I would have known about glucomart a long time ago. They have by far the cheapest test strips. My copay is $25 and I got the SAME strips at Glucomart for $12. The shipping was also very quick, I placed my order on October 11th at 3:40PM and received it on October 13th (today). I'll be back next month.

by Martha on Glucomart
Grateful for this company

I am very grateful to this company. As a recently diagnosed diabetic, I was constantly in a scramble to not only make ends meet but to figure out how to pay for test strips, pen needles, etc. After finding this website, I am able to keep on top of everything without killing my budget. Thank you Glucomart for the service you provide! The prices are really great and shipping is fast so I never have to wonder if I'll run out before I get my next shipment.

by Dennis L Williams on Glucomart
I will no longer be ripped off by RiteAid, I will forever be a loyal Glucomart customer

I was paying $110 for 50 test strips at RiteAid and I can get them at Glucomart for $38. I am very glad I found this place, but I am pissed that I was paying an extra $72 for them for the last 18 months. If you don't want to do the math that is an extra $1296 I paid that I didn't have to. I will tell everyone I know about Glucomart. No one should have to be price gouged for something they need to survive. I might just hang out in the diabetics section at RiteAid and tell people to go to glucomart.

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