Free Test Strips

Free test strips for diabetes are nearly impossible to find. Test strips are the most expensive part of testing blood sugar. Most manufacturers give away free meters, but this doesn’t help if you can’t afford test strips. In the past, there were organizations that provided free test strips, but demand was so high that they were quickly overwhelmed and stopped providing free test strips.

Free Test Strips – Too Good to be True?

Most organizations that provide free test strips require you to have a prescription. ┬áIf you do not have insurance you will likely pay more for the doctor’s appointment than you would paying full price for test strips. There are websites that claim to offer free test strips, but their sites are full of advertisements. They encourage you to click their ads to get free test strips, but it will just link you to a different site. These sites are a scam and do not provide free test strips. They only lure you to their site in attempts to profit from advertisements.

How Do I Afford my Test Strips?

You have other options. If you can not find free test strips, you can get short-dated test strips. Short-dated test strips are 90% off retail prices. You can even get name brand test strips for less than $5. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by buying short-dated test strips. Several studies have found that short-dated test strips are just as accurate as test strips with a year until expiration.

If you need longer dated test strips, some manufacturers will exchange your expired test strips for a fresh box. They do keep your information on file and will only provide you with one box of free test strips.

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