FreeStyle Test Strips in the AlphaTrak Meter?

We get asked nearly everyday if the FreeStyle test strips work in the AlphaTrak meter so we though we would address this in a blog posts. While the FreeStyle test strips are not intended for use in the AlphaTrak meter we have many customers successfully use the Freestyle test strips in the AlphaTrak meter. We have never personally tested the FreeStyle Test strips in the AlphaTrak meter so we can only go on what our customers have reported to us. They have said that the one significant difference between the FreeStyle test strips and the AlphaTrak test strips is that the AlphaTrak test strips have a cat and dog code listed on them. The FreeStyle test strips just have one code listed. Most people that use the FreeStyle test strips in the AlphaTrak meter don’t change the code in their meter to match the code on the FreeStyle vial. They simply leave the code from the last AlphaTrak test strips that they used. There can be some variations in results when using different code, but these variations would likely be negligible. A few of our customers have reported testing their AlphaTrak test strips against their FreeStyle test strips and found little to no difference in the results. So based on what we have heard from our customers, it is possible to use the FreeStyle test strips in an AlphaTrak meter but you would need to use an AlphaTrak code.

How to use FreeStyle Test Strips in the AlphaTrak meter

  1. Ignore the code on the FreeStyle vial and the code that was already in your meter from your last vial of AlphaTrak test strips.
  2. Use a control solution to make sure your readings are in range.

Disclaimer: All information we have obtained regarding the use of FreeStyle test strips in the AlphaTrak meter has been from our customer’s experiences.

We would love to hear about your experiences using FreeStyle test strips in an AlphaTrak meter, please comment below.

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