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by Anonymous on Glucomart

My doctor told me about glucomart because i don't have insurance. I love glucomart. I can get cheap test strips and they are always delivered to my house in 3 day. Glucomart is a life saver.

by Gregory Sykes on Glucomart

I have been type 1 for 25 years and I wish I would have known about glucomart a long time ago. They have by far the cheapest test strips. My copay is $25 and I got the SAME strips at Glucomart for $12. The shipping was also very quick, I placed my order on October 11th at 3:40PM and received it on October 13th (today). I'll be back next month.

by Martha on Glucomart
Grateful for this company

I am very grateful to this company. As a recently diagnosed diabetic, I was constantly in a scramble to not only make ends meet but to figure out how to pay for test strips, pen needles, etc. After finding this website, I am able to keep on top of everything without killing my budget. Thank you Glucomart for the service you provide! The prices are really great and shipping is fast so I never have to wonder if I'll run out before I get my next shipment.

by Dennis L Williams on Glucomart
I will no longer be ripped off by RiteAid, I will forever be a loyal Glucomart customer

I was paying $110 for 50 test strips at RiteAid and I can get them at Glucomart for $38. I am very glad I found this place, but I am pissed that I was paying an extra $72 for them for the last 18 months. If you don't want to do the math that is an extra $1296 I paid that I didn't have to. I will tell everyone I know about Glucomart. No one should have to be price gouged for something they need to survive. I might just hang out in the diabetics section at RiteAid and tell people to go to glucomart.

by Carol Gower on Glucomart
One Touch Ultra test strips

I am a newly diagnosed diabetic. Have to test my blood sugars three to four times a day. I have gone through over 100 test strips. Last box of 100 cost me $100 with my insurance. Just Paid $28 for 50 strips. Love the savings.

by Eveyln Corbin on Glucomart

Out of test strips and we need some very quickly. The pharmacy wanted $122 for a box of 50 count. We got them from Glucomart for $18. I am very happy I have Glucomart. What a blessing.

by Pam on Glucomart
We Love Glucomart!!

We are so thankful for this company because One Touch test strips are so expensive through our medical insurance. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this website last year. The savings are unbelievable & the fast service is greatly appreciated! Thanks Glucomart!!

by Skye Mansbridge on Glucomart
Toy pump and meter

I ordered the medtronic toy pump and the bayer blood sugar meter for my daughters doll for her birthday. Wow is all i can say, she loves them and they are so realistic! Will definantly be recommending this site to all my freinds! One little 3 year old made very happy!

by Shanen on Glucomart
Fast affordable test strips!

I was very happy with how quickly my One Touch strips shipped. Glucomart was even cheaper that what I would have paid through insurance for strips. Great product and great service!

by john on Glucomart
test strips

great service

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