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Being diabetic is expensive. We have found resources to help you afford the medication and supplies you need to manage your condition.

Save Money on Diabetic Supplies

10 Ways to Save Money on Diabetic Supplies The cost of diabetic supplies is increasing. The American Diabetes Association estimates the cost of diabetes to be $13,700 per year.¹ The question we hear most from customers is, “How can I save money on diabetic supplies?” Here are our 10 ways to help you save money on diabetic supplies.  Don’t […]

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Health Care Reform Will Affect People with Diabetes

The Health Care Reform Will Affect People with Diabetes. Securing national health care coverage in the United States has been an elusive goal throughout the course of many presidential administrations. In 2010, the vision of such a program became reality with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This achievement, according […]

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